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Break the Cycle Foundation: Built on the Cornerstone of CHRIST (BtCF) is NPO geared to serve the homeless dual-parent family community. Our vision is to empower society by protecting and preserving the family structure. Our mission is to help each family break the cycle of learned helplessness, generational welfare and dependencies. Our core values are HUMILITY, OBEDIENCE, COMMITMENT and CONSISTENCY.

First and foremost, I want to give ALL honor and praises to my ABBA, the Lord and creator of EVERYTHING. Having said that let me give you the back ground. All that I do for the community is a reflection of what there needs to be for them; the things that I needed when I was homeless; they are the things are the required of us in the Bible: feed, clothe and shelter His people, (Isaiah 58:7, Matthew 25: 34-40). I do these things because I love God.

Once upon a time, I was homeless and strung out on drugs. I felt helpless and looked hopeless. I did not see a way out but instead wanted to die. Long story short, God stepped in a reintroduced His Son Jesus to me and my life turned around: DRAMATICALLY. In 5 years He gave me 3 degrees and 5 ministries in which two are active: Recycled Love and F.E.D.U.P. We are also connected to 9 transition homes in which the residents can get needed clothes every 90 days. We are connected to all of Charleston County school district 9 where children are able to get the required school uniforms. We are connected to several local ‘churches’ that provide our voucher when they go outreach. We have four major outreaches a year. These are just some of the things Recycled Love does.

Our newest ministry: F.E.D.U.P (For Every Deserving and Underprivileged Person (that’s all of us) which will eventually be a full fledge soup kitchen and lounge (S.O.S). This ministry will provide two meals a day currently. We are currently striving to obtain a unit here in the strip mall which houses Recycled Love. Until then, we use our sidewalk to provide one meal a month and a portable shower for those whom are in need of one. We are using the sidewalk because the Lord says not to despise small beginning for He rejoices to see the work begin, Zechariah 4:10a. We trust in the Lord of EVERYTHING. We know that when we begin a task God will recreate it to fit His desires, “to see the plumb line in Zerubbabal hand”, Zechariah 4:10b.

There are other larger ministries that are waiting to be physically born: Break the Cycle foundation: Built on the Cornerstone of CHRIST!: a homeless shelter for WHOLE DUAL-parented families. There is Loved: an unique training center in things of this world and of God’s. Until God opens the doors, we delight in all that He has already doing.

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